G. Romano models on TV

We are quite tickled pink to see some of our models make surprise appearances on a number of shows on TV. One of them is the very popular Big Bang Theory. Thanks to some of our fans who spotted them, we were able to share these moments with you!

The Natalie chair when Sheldon goes clothes shopping with Mrs. Wolowitz: https://youtu.be/QkqRSrd2B18

The Dakota chairs when Sheldon & Leonard cry together: https://youtu.be/_PZdj_vVDx8

We also spotted former PM Jean Chrétien with Robert Fife from CTV's Question Period on a Seville: https://youtu.be/-aHQKXL6rKo

Dakota made its way into another TV spot! https://youtu.be/ZoD5RLc8O18


If you spot any of our models on TV, let us know!